2017 - 2018

  Intellectual Property Law in Institutional Context  
Prof. Madison Michael J. Sem  2
University credit hours:  2.0

Course description

Intellectual Property Law in Institutional Context - Prof. Michael Madison

Intellectual property law, policy, and theory should be understood not only in the context of rights and obligations affecting individual actors but also in the context  of  institutions  that  generate,  preserve,  and  distribute  innovative  and  creative material:   markets,   firms,   collaboratives,   and   informal   groups.   Examples   may  include  patent  pools,  open  source  software  collaboratives,  Wikipedia,  research universities, and informal communities of creators or performances, such as chefs de  cuisine.  IP  law  plays  different  roles  in  different  institutional  contexts.  The purpose   of   this   course   is   to   examine   and   compare   a   selection   of   such   IP institutions.

Pre-requisites: Minimum: Any single course in Intellectual Property Law.

Class attendance is mandatory. A student that misses more than four classes will not be eligible to take the final exam.

Grade: 24 Hrs. Take Home Exam 100%.

הקורס מזכה ב-2 ש"ס. יינתן באנגלית.

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