2015 - 2016

  Feministic Spiritualities                                                                            
Marianna Ruah-MidbarGilman-humanities261Wed1400-1600 Sem  1
University credit hours:  2.0

Course description
The course will deal with a feministic analysis of religion and spiritualities, both in relation to institutionalized traditions and to new alternative spiritualities. We'll present feministic critique of religion, new feministic forms of spirituality, basic concepts and major issues regarding those subjects. Among the course's subjects: feministic midrash and interpretations of the scriptures, religious feminism and essencialism, matriarchy, Thealogy, the image of Shechina, Lilith's myth, Neo-paganism and witchcraft and nature religions, the historiographic polemic over the inquisition, Gaia hypothesis. An experiential meeting with a feminist spiritual practitioner may take place in the course.

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