2015 - 2016

  New Women and New Men: Gender and Politics 1750-1918                                                 
Prof. Bilha MelmanGilman-humanities4491000-1400 Sem  2
University credit hours:  4.0

Course description
Gender history is a vital and innovative part of historical studies. It is not just about gathering information about the experiences of women and men in the past, but also about the development of femininities and masculinities, women’s and men’s identities and their respective positions and images in the past. Exploring gender in history equips us with new tools and ways to re-interpret political, social and cultural changes during the “modern century”—the long 19th century, between the late 18th century revolutions and the First World War. We shall examine, from a gender perspective, major cross-roads in this century: life and power in late old regime royal courts; gender in the great democratic revolutions; gender and the rise of fundamentalist religion; gender and the consumer’s revolution; men’s and women’s work in industrial revolutions; bourgeois gender ideology; law, property and gender in the late 19th century; the rise of modern ideas on sexuality in medicine and psychology and the relationship between gender and nationalism

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