2016 - 2017

  Complex Building Studio                                                                              
Sem  2
Orit PinchasDe Botton - Architecture211Sun1600-1900 Sem  2
De Botton - Architecture211Wed1000-1500 Sem  2
University credit hours:  8.0

Course description

Architectural competitions are a decisive factor in the professional development of the architect, allow them to sharpen and refine their uniqueness and ideas and plan according to the demands of a specific client. 

This studio aims to teach the students how to work in competitive conditions and give them the right set of tools, and of course the chance to win.
Each semester we will register to a different international competition in accordance with the relevant issues and deadlines corresponding schedule of each semester.

Registration for winter semester competition will be made at the time of summer by the lecturer.

As part of Studio routine we will learn how to work and plan according to the competition's announcers whilst analyzing the specific programmatic requirements of the client and the rational of the competition definition.

The first part of the semester will deal with analyzing the plan and defining the goals of each group. During the second part of the semester we will practice and submit our proposals according to the competitions specific requirements.

We will work in Pin-up and presentation routine from day one, will work under a very tight and intensive schedule.

We will put a strong emphasis on defining a concept, context and the client's requirements, band of ideas, wordless presentations, processing the idea and making it available, characterizing the process of jury critic and judgment, distinction between secondary and main, the text in architecture, working in section, choosing the right architectural materials for submission, the render and its role in competitions, and editing the posters.

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