2018 - 2019

  Introduction to Urban Design                                                                         
Talia MargalithKIKOINE0011000-1300 Sem  1
University credit hours:  3.0

Course description

The course will correlate architectural thinking and practice with urban theories and development. We will issue the foundations and objectives of urban design, and study the relations between various built objects and between physical and human components in urban realms.


Architects role in urban development is crucial: to design the shared spaces, connect private and public areas and give shape to complex meanings, ideas and needs. Thus, urban design is central to both urban planning and architecture practicing.

While the city is the site and context for most of the architectural doing, it is thus always relating to specific place, time limitations and options. When we design a a building, square, street or cluster we always need to relate to many urban layers, including economy and history, politics, landscape, culture, identity. Each project,  then, is both relating to such context- and creating new socio- spatial situations and cultural meanings.

To clarify this process we will uncover a series of architectural and urban layers, and through them study related components of urban living through the lenses of relevant urban theories. We will issue core questions in current urban design and learn how various architect worked with and around them in various times. The classes will combine lectures, design exercises, reading and discussions.

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