2017 - 2018

  9/11 in American Television  
Ariel AvissarMexico - Arts209 Mon1600-2000 Sem  2
University credit hours:  2.0

Course description

The traumatic events of 9/11 left a gaping wound in the heart of the American nation, its repercussions still echoing to this day in every scope of life in the US. This course will examine the myriad ways American popular media has reacted to the trauma of that day, reflecting social and political changes the nation has undergone since. The course will focus to some extent on direct representations of the events in American media, but more expansively on allegorical representations and broader impacts, as evident in American television series and films of different genres, from espionage and thrillers, to science fiction, fantasy and horror. During the course we will touch on theoretical approaches such as the philosophy of terrorism; trauma, memory and visual media; the ethics of the war on terror and the treatment of the Other; postcolonialist theory; feminist theory; and more. The theoretical discussion will be examined using concrete test cases from television and film, which will help illustrate broader generic, thematic, narrative and aesthetic developments of the last decade and a half.

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