2016 - 2017

  Honors Seminar: Unpleasure and the Moving Image                                                      
Boaz HaginMexico - Arts209Sun1200-1400 Sem  1
Mexico - Arts209Sun1200-1400 Sem  2
University credit hours:  4.0

Course description
The honors seminar will allow students to become acquainted with a central theoretical issue in film and television studies and to write an academic research article. The seminar is for outstanding students in film studies who are considering graduate studies after completing their BA or BFA.
This year’s seminar will engage with cinematic experiences that are ostensibly not pleasurable such as disgust, boredom, and sadness, and which characterize certain genres, notably the “art” film and the avant-garde, melodrama, and horror. Using diverse methods, we will ask how certain moving-image texts arouse such feelings; what their social and political significance might be; and why we are willing to watch (and even pay to watch) such texts and perhaps even derive some sort of pleasure out of them.

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