2018 - 2019

  Documentary Film and New Technologies                                                                
Ohad LandesmanKIKOINE002Mon1000-1600 Sem  1
University credit hours:  4.0

Course description
This seminar will focus on recent encounters between new technologies and contemporary documentary cinema, and will deal with how new practices of production, distribution and exhibition contribute to the refinement of documentary form. By embracing a critical outlook on the traditional position which treats digitization as a utopian and dystopian change that marks the “death of cinema as we know it”, we will explore how digital documentary cinema maintains continuity and hybridity with older technologies (16mm and video) and existing documentary traditions. We will explore, for example, how digital technology facilitates a fascinating encounter between the fictional and the factual and contributes significantly to the renewal of existing documentary strategies, such as the mockumentary, the hybrid cinema, the diary film and the animated documentary. Moreover, we will focus on new documentary formations that become possible because of, among other factors, the technological potential that documentary cinema is taking use lately. How, for example, is documentary cinema treating the notion of spectacle with new 3D capacities, or finding a renewed interest in the interaction between viewer and text with the internet? By reading academic texts that deal with the evolution of documentary cinema and watching several documentary films, this seminar will offer different ways to look at a form of filmmaking that keeps reinventing itself time and again.

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