2013 - 2014

  Experimental Form in Literature, Music and Film  
Buchmann-Mehta School of Music014Wed0800-1200 Sem  1
Course description
The aim of the seminar is to teach us understand more deeply how we experience music and in what manner we can interpret the meaning of a musical composition. Pieces which present us with something outside the tradition have often been called “experimental.” The usual manners of analyses often fail when discussing such compositions which challenge one to devise new techniques of analysis and interpretation. Such “exercise”, in turn, will prepare one to deal with the “traditional” pieces of the past eras in a deeper manner. I believe that in a sense every new art work is experimental. For the topic of this seminar, however, I have chosen works that had been considered “experimental”, and within this vast pool of pieces, those which address a central experience of the modern era (from the 18th century till the end of the 20th), namely, a feeling of being lost: that one can no longer make sense out of the surrounding world – of reality. Although the course will cover a variety of works, not all of them will be analyzed and discussed at depth. The readings are generally suggestive providing background material; some of them, however, will be assigned for the discussion in class.

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