2014 - 2015

  Academic Writing (Theory and Musicology Majors)                                                      
Miriam GerstelBuchmann-Mehta School of Music001Mon1000-1200 Sem  1
University credit hours:  2.0

Course description
The course will prepare the students and will provide them with the skills required for academic writing. The following main issues of the academic writings will be considered:
Different types of academic assignments and their characteristics.
The relation between academic reading and academic writing.
Structural types of academic writings – their parts and their functions.
The subject – How does one find a subject for writing? Defining the subject and formulating a research question, defining the hypothesis, defining subtopics and formulating a conceptual flow-chart
Methodologies – analysis of literary sources, analysis of music, empirical research.
Bibliographic sources – types, locating, selecting, using, references, legitimate and illegitimate sources for academic writing. The relevancy of other disciplines to research in music.
The writing process – reading and summarizing the sources, classification of the summarized material according to its relevancy to the assignment, classification of the information derived from the sources according to subtopics and synthesis of materials, recording the references during the writing process, rephrasing the subtopics and the hypothesis during reading/writing, synthesis and differentiation between the information derived from the sources and the personal contribution of the writer, dealing with information that undermines the hypothesis of the writer. Citation, paraphrase and assimilation of information from sources – differences and uses.
Critical Reading – identification of the agenda and the research approach/theory of the writer; locating weak points in academic writings; the importance of reviews and replying papers, disagreements and disputes between writers.
Graphical/Structural aspects – levels of headlines, table of contents, bibliography and footnotes, different kinds of examples.
Lingual aspects – paragraphs, the simple and proper sentence, parenthesis and footnotes, translation from English to Hebrew, Hebrew terminology, bi-lingual record of names and terms.

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