2013 - 2014

  Performance: Site/Self                                                                               
Daphna Ben-ShaulMexico - Arts210Sun1600-1800 Sem  2
Mexico - Arts210Wed1400-1600 Sem  2
Dror Harari
Course description
This laboratory, which is part of the Laboratory Program of Research and Practice in Theatre and Performance, will explore the history, theory and practice of the expanding phenomenon of Performance Art. The laboratory will focus on two complementary venues:  
Site-specific performance: We shall look into the ways by which a site-specific performance, and the concept of site in general, endeavor to rediscover, reframe or redefine given places through a variety of reactions, either to the geographical and architectonic conditions of the place or to its historical and cultural, as well as to its personal load. Performing the self: We shall study the key concepts pertaining both to the personal and the performative field. Their artistic options will be traced in models and works created by contemporary performance artists, will be practiced in work-shops and will be theoretically discussed – thus creating the ground for actual and original creation and performative actions and events.

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