2013 - 2014

  Writing and Acting Project                                                                           
Dedi BaronMexico - Arts121Sun1400-1700 Sem  2
Mexico - Arts121Mon1600-1900 Sem  2
Prof. Gad Kaynar
Course description
This course is intended to devise a theatrical project in a gradual process and on the basis of a collective group workshop. The project will be based on materials furnished by the participants, who are supposed to have creative inclinations either towards writing, dramaturgy, acting or directing. However, the idea is that each participant would be capable of experiencing the disciplines of the others, so that the workshop will bear the character of an inter-disciplinary enterprise. The pivotal notion that will serve as the integrative principle of the project will be the physical, spatial and mental concept of "Bed" (alternatively: Bed-Dead). The participants are requested to bring to the workshop written materials derived from a large variety of genres and media (prose, drama, poetry, chronicles, etc.), as long as the piece has a potential dramatic kernel. Under the teacher's guidance – short improvisations and etudes will be constructed and gradually amalgamated into a structure of a project that will be exposed in an open class event at the end of the term and eventually lead to further stages of development in Israel or abroad. 

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