2017 - 2018

  Introduction to Japan and its Culture                                                                
Liora SarfatiGilman-humanities223Mon1400-1600 Sem  1
Gilman-humanities223Mon1400-1600 Sem  2
University credit hours:  4.0

Course description

In the past two thousand years, the people living in the Japanese islands have turned from segregated tribes into a strong kingdom that transformed into a modern military empire and one of the driving forces of the world’s economy and culture. In this course we will survey the processes that occurred in Japan from the ancient period until after the Second World War. We will focus on cultural, social, and political features and will discuss the uniqueness of Japanese culture and the various influences that contributed to it. We will explore the social structures that formed each historic period and the forces that shaped the history of Japan.
Japanese History and Culture: Introductory Discussion Sessions


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