2016 - 2017

  Googling God: Digital Religion and Technology as Religion                                            
Carmel VaismanGilman-humanities326Sun1200-1400 Sem  1
University credit hours:  2.0

Course description

Despite the scientific and secular-culture aura of technology and media, their past, present, and future, are inseparable from religion and spiritualism. The course juxtaposes two narratives that represent two tropes of research on the relationship between technology and transcendence:
I. Past & future: a historic perspective on the story of technology born out of religious practice and maturing as a religion of its own.
II. Present: the contemporary cross-cultural religious and spiritual practices of appropriation and rejection of new media technologies.
While the past and future are driven by Christianity and new age spirituality influences, present narratives will invoke also Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and spiritual sects, as well as religious elements in secular environments online.

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