2018 - 2019

  Advanced Laboratory for Energy Conversion  
Bishara BisharaWolfson - Engineering132 Mon1300-1600 Sem  1
Prof. Shmilovitz Doron
University credit hours:  3.0

Course description
Credit Pooints: 1.5
Prerequisites: Energy Conversion, Energy Conversion Laboratory
Solar energy: Single solar cell and module characteristics and shadowing effect. Loading of solar modules by typical loads such as passive loads, DC motors and batteries. Maximum power point tracking (MPPT). High frequency DC/DC converters: Basic passive components and switching devices. Operation and characteristics of Buck, Boost and Flyback converters in steady state under open loop control. Output regulation by means of closed loop control (two meatings).
Phase controlled line frequency rectifiers, design and application area. Ultrahigh frequency (RF) power conditioning for a CO2 laser tube. Introduction to pulsed power: Applications of short power pulses (MW-TW). Energy storage and pulse forming networks (PFN). Transients of high current ( a few kA) and high voltage discharge using air gap and semiconductor switches. Light sources and illumination design: Characterization in terms of photometry and spectrum.

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