2019 - 2020

  Media, Activism and Multiculturalism - a Feminist Perspective  
Estee RiederRosenberg - Jewish Studies002 Wed1000-1200 Sem  2
University credit hours:  2.0

Course description

During the elections to the 20th Knesset, a dormant struggle arose in Israel regarding the proper integration of Haredi women into the political game. The existence of Haredi women's activism in Israel is not self-evident. It relies on the written and digital media, lives and thrives on Facebook and the virtual space, and seeks to challenge the multicultural theory that legitimized the exclusion of Haredi women from politics in the first place.

The "not elected-not voting" case study will revolve around axis’ that exemplify the central role of the media as a tool for leading change, while at the same time raising issues of power and questions of representation in the media and the virtual space in Israeli society. Through the case at hand we will also familiarize ourselves with multicultural theory and analyze the critique of it from a feminist point of view.


The course will provide a critical and complex perspective on both the social and gender reality, as well as on the theoretical discourse. It will examine the potential of feminist social activism to change social reality and encourage active initiatives for social change.

The final task will examine the ability to apply the concepts studied to various activist options.

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