2017 - 2018

Half Semester-First half
  The Role of Religion in War and in Peacebuilding  
Prof. Stone SuzanneTrubowicz - Law201 Mon1415-1545 Sem  2
Trubowicz - Law201 Wed1215-1345 Sem  2
University credit hours:  2.0

Course description

The Role of Religion in War and PeaceBuilding

Prof. Suzanne Stone

Credits: 2

The religious-ethnic-nationalist conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere have given rise to a dramatic re-examination of the role of religion in both promoting and preventing conflict. This course examines how diverse religious traditions view world order, the morality of and norms governing war, and post-war reconciliation.  We will explore these topics from a variety of disciplinary perspectives: comparative law, sociology of religion, political theory, and religious studies.  The course will combine theory with case studies drawn from the contemporary Middle East, including Israel. 

Grade Components: 100% Take Home Exam

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