2017 - 2018

Half Semester-First half
  Introduction to Intellectual Property  
Eran BareketTrubowicz - Law103 Tue0815-1155 Sem  1
Tony Greenman
University credit hours:  2.0

Course description

Introduction to Intellectual Property

Adv. Tony Greenman & Adv. Eran Bareket

Credits: 2

The course will introduce the student to the theoretical basis and the legal foundations of intellectual property protection. We will examine the fundamentals of the laws of the traditional forms of intellectual property: copyright and related rights, patents, designs, trademarks and trade secrets, as well as more modern concepts, such as the right of publicity and IP in traditional knowledge. In particular, we will explore the subject matter, scope and term of protection, as well as questions of ownership and infringement. Emphasis will be placed on the balancing of IP rights with the public interest, such as the right of free speech and the free flow of information, and on the influence of advances in technology on that balance. Additionally, we will discuss the international regimes of protection and different approaches to the subject matter in various jurisdictions.

(Mandatory for International LL.M. - Technology Track students without a prior background in IP).

Grade Components: 100% Take Home Exam

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