2016 - 2017

  Principles in Network Society  
Naftali - Social Sciences204 Sun1500-1630 Sem  2
University credit hours:  2.0

Course description
The rapid growth and widespread of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have brought about tremendous social, economic, political, and cultural implications. In this introductory course we examine the basic principles and theories related to cyberspace. We get familiar with the discourse on technological and social determinism, and demonstrate how these contradicting approaches become the mainstream of our modern thought. We look at the history of information and power, but also the contemporary processes and influences of ICTs on our daily life. While the first part of the semester is dedicated to the developing information and communication theories, the second part deals with various practices and emerging research in the field. Among the issues that will be dealt in the this part are the digital divide, digital natives and digital immigrants, politics and political economy on the internet, online news and the filter bubble, user generated content and the public sphere, infotainment, social networks and interpersonal communication, information search and monopolies of knowledge, diffusion of memes and the online memetic culture, online games, pornography and addiction, and finally, privacy, security and intellectual property in the digital age.

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