2016 - 2017

  The Music of the Middle East and Africa                                                            
Moshe MoradGilman-humanities278Wed1400-1600 Sem  2
University credit hours:  2.0

Course description

The course offers an introduction to the music cultures of Africa and the Middle East, with an emphasis on gender and sexuality. It is the first course of its kind in Israel concentrating on aspects of gender, sexuality and GLBTQ issues in the music of Africa and the Middle East.

The course is not aimed at musicians or those who necessarily have a musical background, but at students of Africa and Middle East studies who wish to explore the cultural and social spectrum of African and Middle Eastern societies, by learning about their music.    In these societies, music is not only an art from, but plays an important role in daily life, culture, worship, healing, hunting, craft, communication with nature and the ancestors, and even in politics.

We will explore this, emphasizing the role of music in political and social changes (including colonialism and globalization, as well as recent evolvements), gender and sexuality, GLBTQ, religion, etc.

 The course encourages critical thinking and understanding of the cultural space in Africa and the Middle East.

 The lectures will be based on on watching video material, demonstrating musical instruments, analysis and understanding the issues relating to gender and sexuality in the musical context, the uniqueness of each culture as well as the inter-cultural connections within the regions. 


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