2015 - 2016

  Introduction to the Twentieth Century                                                                
Sagi SchaeferGilman-humanities361Mon1000-1200 Sem  1
Gilman-humanities361Tue1000-1200 Sem  1
University credit hours:  4.0

Course description
The course will present several key historical processes in twentieth century Europe. We will discuss the rise of the state, the prolonged conflict between the all-encompassing ideologies, the changes in perceptions of time and distance their influence on concepts of belonging. We will deal with the role of violence in shaping the continent during the century, with the various kinds of migration it saw, with processes of division and unification, occupations within and beyond Europe and the struggles against them. Emphasis will be placed in this course on history written from the margins of Europe, from less well known vantage points. Among events and processes mentioned will be: World Wars, the Cold War, colonialism and de-colonization, population transfers, struggles for equal rights and the general rise in rights discourses, neo-liberalism and consumer culture, and the collapse of the Eastern Bloc. We will devote time to learning and developing basic skills of the historian’s work such as analyzing historical documents, searching materials, and writing historical arguments.

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