2015 - 2016

  The American Century                                                                                 
Prof. Eyal NavehGilman-humanities144Mon1600-1800 Sem  1
University credit hours:  2.0

Course description
This course will discuss the history of the US from World War II to the present. It will explore major topics such as the Cold War, McCarthyism, popular culture in the 1950s, the Civil Right Movement, Vietnam, Counter Culture in the Sixties and feminism. The second half of the course will deal with the rise of New0conservatism, the Reagan administration, the end of the Cold war and the status and of the US as a super power in the 21st century. We sill start with the last administration of FDR and will end with the current administration of Obama. Beside politics, we will look at economic development, social movements and cultural aspect that form and transform modern American identity

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