2014 - 2015

  Introduction to Historical Geography  
Yaron BalslevYad Avner - Geography115 Wed1000-1200 Sem  1
University credit hours:  2.0

Course description

Name of the course: Introduction to Historical Geography


Course description:


The course examines the foundations of historical-geographical research. In the course we shall discuss the development of the historical-geographical discipline in Israel and the world, the relations between this discipline and the science of geography, the effect of historical events and processes on landscape development, and the ways to conduct an historical-geographical research in the digital era. For this purpose, different historical-geographical tools will be discussed, such as vertical and horizontal cross-sections, the advantages and disadvantages of historical sources etc. The course is based on lessons in class and field excursions.


Main topics: the nature of historical-geography, the development of the historical-geographical thought, different research attitudes, vertical and horizontal cross-sections, historical-geographical sources, credibility of historical sources, use of advanced tools in historical-geographical research, historical-geography in Israel, historical-geographical research in the 21st century.


Teaching methods: the course is based on lessons in the class and excursions in Tel Aviv-Jaffa during class time. The lessons are based on lectures, reading and discussions. The excursions are "field lessons", where the materials which have been taught in class will be demonstrated through the historical-geography of the city.   


Students' duties: Participation in the lessons and excursions, submitting two exercises.


Assessment: 20% exercises, 80% final exam





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