2014 - 2015

Michal Ben-noachYad Avner - Geography120 Wed1000-1300 Sem  1
University credit hours:  3.0

Course description

Course description


Course requirements: weekly assignment.


final exam: 100%.
Assignment submission: submission of at least 9 assignments. Every missing assignment will take away one point of the final grade. Assignment without SPSS will not be counted as submitted.


Course Topics:


1.    SPSS:


1.1.         Opening file


1.2.         File structure


1.3.         Variable definitions


1.4.         Commands


2.    Descriptive statistics


2.1.         Variable type


2.2.         Frequency tables


2.3.         Graphical data presentation


2.4.         Measures of locations and spread


3.    Probability


3.1.         Basic concepts of probability


3.2.                            Normal distribution and Standardization


4.    Correlations


4.1.         Pearson’s, Spearman’s and Cramer’s Correlation coefficients


4.2.         Simple linear regression


4.3.         Chi-square tests


5.    Estimation and hypothesis testing


5.1.         Point estimation and Confidence intervals


5.2.         Hypotheses testing on one sample


5.3.         Hypotheses testing on two samples




1.     אייזנבך ר. סטטיסטיקה ל"לא סטטיסטיקאים".


2.     Shula Israelit, Applied Statistics


3.     The Open University course reference book – Introduction to Statistics for Social Sciences Students


4.     The Open University course reference book – Statistical Inference


5.      Runyon, P., Haber, A., Pittinger, D.J. and Coleman, K.A., Fundumentals of Behavioral Statistics


6.     שריד, מ. (2006), המדריך העברי למשתמש בתוכנת SPSS for Windows, מכון שריד (מהדורה שלישית).


7.     Morgan G.A, Griego O.V & Gloeckner G.W (2001). SPSS for Windows: An Introduction to Use and Interpretaion in Research. Lawrence Eribaum Associates





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