2018 - 2019

  Love Hate Relations: America and the World From Wilson to Trump  
Yoav FromerNaftali - Social Sciences206 1400-1700 Sem  2
University credit hours:  3.0

Course description

Donald Trump's election to the presidency under the promise of an "America First" foreign policy, and the revolutionary changes that he already brought to America's foreign relations, significantly undermine the Liberal International order that the US began establishing a century ago. This course will trace the evolution of America's modern foreign policy: from its rise to globalism under President Wilson (in WWI), through the founding of the "American Century" during WWII and and the Cold War, and all the way to its post-Cold War Uni-polar hegemonic reign and its ultimate rejection in the Trump presidency. The course's main goal will be to critically engage case studies and a variety of historical sources that help illuminate the costs, benefits and ultimate legacies of America's foreign policies over the past century in a way that helps understand if, how and why things went so wrong that it could justify Trump's decision to drastically change course and disengage from the world and its ever growing set of challenges.     

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