2016 - 2017

  Studio 5 - Final Project 2  
Sem  2
Prof. Kisselov Thea Sun1600-1900 Sem  2
Wed1000-1900 Sem  2
Prof. Liora Kisselov-Kaye
University credit hours:  12.0

Course description

. In this final conclusive year each student will pursue an individual

 project while utilizing the knowledge and expertise acquired in earlier years. At the beginning of the year each student will choose a topic for the project he or she is intending to pursue, while reasoning their choice within the general subject of the studio. The extent of each project will be individually approved by the tutor, and at any case each student must work on planning that regards questions of wide urban scale and structural and architectural subjects with elaborate details. The extent of the project is not necessarily derivative of the project actual size, but of its complexity and details. At the end of the semester, each project will be presented and graded by an academic evaluation committee.

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