2016 - 2017

  Technology Studio B                                                                                  
Sem  2
Simone FriedmanDe Botton - Architecture2110900-1300 Sem  2
University credit hours:  4.0

Course description

Technology Studio B focuses on the integrated design of a small but complex building. The students will be expected to address a challenging site and program. The design will require the inventive use of new technologies and materials. The course will stress the connections between critical architecture and a well conceived architectural language. The course builds on the experience of Technology Studio A. The course will reinforce work habits of a design process in which the structural technology and the selection of materials are an integral part of the basic design. The course will emphasize that detailing a building requires a fundamental understanding of the qualities of materials, the limitations of the craftsmen, the manufacturing processes of products and the difficulties of maintenance and repair. The course will also address the responsibility of students to understand the environmental implications of their choices: the embodied energy in materials, the LCA of products and the potential for recycling. The students will investigate new materials and explore their potential in the context of existing codes. The students will work toward the production of a set of working drawings for the design of their structure. The course is taught through studio meetings during which students will discuss and present their work process and their research of new materials and products. The final submission will be in the format of an A3 booklet of drawings organized as a formal set of drawings for tender.


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