2017 - 2018

  Landscape Design Studio                                                                              
Havi LivneDe Botton - Architecture001Sun1600-1900 Sem  1
De Botton - Architecture001Sun1600-1900 Sem  1
De Botton - Architecture001Wed1000-1500 Sem  1
De Botton - Architecture001Wed1000-1500 Sem  1
University credit hours:  8.0

Course description

Historically, landscape was treated as a non harmful background to the built environment – a container which was separated from the architectural objects, the events and the conditions it enfolded. On the last decades, it turned out that particularly flexible, dynamic, and non hierarchical landscape is the medium enabling to react uniquely to the changing conditions of the contemporary city. These characters enabled landscape to act as substrate for the daily urban spaces. That is through the inclusion of nature, to contain countless planned actions, and at the same time, the same amount of unplanned ones and to act as an optional space for predicted and unpredicted meetings between different communities. Actually, the ever changing landscape has been a model for urban processes.

This semester we will deal with the violated area of the rail projects in Tel aviv. We will try to examine

the temporal landscape through its past existence and future vision. The students will develop a conceptual approach towards the system and will implement it on a certain chosen area.

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