2017 - 2018

  What is Creativity?                                                                                  
Yaron Cohen- TzemachGilman-humanities326Tue1800-2000 Sem  2
University credit hours:  2.0

Course description

The course will examine different answers to the question of creativity. We will discuss the possibility that creativity is a creation from scratch ex nihilo, and on the other hand, that it is always a development of known ideas. We will also pose the question whether creativity occurs in an instant, by pure, unpredictable spontaneity, or whether it is the result of a long process that can be learned, studied and reconstructed or duplicated (reverse-engineered). Is there a connection between creativity and rational thinking? Or is creativity merely a figment of imagination? In these and other contexts, we will dwell on the relation between concepts such as creation and origination (divine  or demiurgic) , invention and discovery, art and design. We will conclude by trying to think about demarcation of the fields in which we expect to find creativity, and to ponder whether creativity is the exclusive domain of the arts or whether it is also characterized by fields such as engineering, economics and life sciences.

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