2018 - 2019

  Postmodern Fiction  
Yael MaurerRosenberg - Jewish Studies002 Wed1400-1600 Sem  2
University credit hours:  2.0

Course description


     In this course we will examine texts that have come to be considered "postmodern". The term "postmodernism" is difficult to define, yet, as we shall see, it has had a very significant influence on the culture, literature and film.  In our reading of the novels (and films), we will focus on the ways they question notions of "self", "body", "narrative" and "history". We will examine the ways in which these particular texts deconstruct the idea of coherent subjectivity in different thematic, narrative and generic forms.  We will watch two filmic adaptations. One is the iconic science fiction film Blade Runner, an adaptation of Dick’s novel, and the other is an adaptation of Vonnegut’s novel.

    Our reading of the texts is by no means the only way or the right way. That would not be very "postmodern". My aim in this course is to introduce you to texts I find intriguing and challenging. I hope to demonstrate how these texts enact some of the concerns of the postmodern moment.


Course Requirements

Attendance and 2 short responses: 20%

Mid-term paper (in class): 16%

Final take home paper: 64%

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