2015 - 2016

  Research Methods in Cell and Tissue Engineering (2)  
Prof. Geffen AmitWolfson - Engineering108 1000-1200 Sem  2
Prof. Orna Sharabani_Yosef
University credit hours:  2.0

Course description
The courses Research Methods in Cell and Tissue Engineering (1) and Research Methods in Cell and Tissue Engineering (2) together form a mini-research project task which lasts one academic year. Each individual or pair of students will be assigned a different project, and all projects will be focused on answering a simple research question such as determining an effect of mechanical or electrical stimulus or biochemical stress on cell and tissue cultures; evaluation and testing of techniques to produce tissue cultures, and studies of tissue culture biophysical, mechanical and electrical properties. The major objective of the projects is to present the engineering, biological and basic science aspects of cell and tissue engineering through an active learning laboratory experience. Students will learn to work with standard equipment in a cell lab, will acquire experimental skills both in actual experimental work and in documentation of observations and data. An emphasis will be put on experimental design including utilization of statistical methods. Students will translate theoretical knowledge acquired in biology and tissue engineering frontal courses into practice. Students will experience with the variability of biological phenomena, will learn the concepts of cell and tissue culturing, and be familiarized with the critical issues and choices needed in different bioengineering aspects (biomechanics, biomaterials) in order to develop tissue engineered constructs. Most important of all, the course will create the atmosphere of a self-learning experience in a dynamic research environment, where work groups interact with each other via scientific communication tools (presentations, formal and informal discussions and research reports), to enrich each other's knowledge.

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