2015 - 2016

  Laboratory in Robotics and Control of Systems  
Wolfson - Engineering364 Wed1400-1700 Sem  2
University credit hours:  3.0

Course description
קורס במגמת הנד' מכאנית מסלול מכאטרוניקה ומערכות אוטונומיות, קורס חובה מסלולי, ועקב כניסת הקורס החדש (מבוא לבקרה) נדרשים בו שינויים
The Robotics lab in ME ENG TAU will have the following experiments:
1) Kinematics of a robot: Kinematics, Inverse Kinematics, Singularity, etc..
2) Path planning: Cubic Spline, 2D path, 3D Path.
3) Robot Dynamics: Applying forces with a robot, stiffness of a robot
4) Control of a robot: High end control (PID low level and high level, Inverse Dynamics, Non-linear or adaptive control).
5) Robotics based on external sensing systems: optical tracking, force control trough an external force sensor.
6) Robot cooperation: Coordination of a mutual task between two robots.
7) Haptics: Creation of a force field to simulate touching of a virtual object.
8) Medical Robotics: Control of a robot trough a haptic interface.
External experiments with equipment from other labs:
1) Ball on tilting beam, Basic Control lab EE.
2) Higher order TF, Basic Control lab EE.
3) Inverted Pendulum, Advanced Control lab EE.
4) CAM – Computer Aided Manufacturing, CIM Lab IE.
5) Computer Vision in Robotics – CIM Lab IE
6) PLC – Programmable Logic Controller - CIM Lab IE
The student will do the following experiments:
ME Robotics Lab Exp 1-5 in ME 5 out of 5
ME Robotics Lab Exp 6-8 in ME 2 out of 3
EE basic and advanced control Lab Exp 1-3 in EE 2 out of 2
IE advanced manufacturing Lab Exp 4-6 in IE 2 out of 3
All 11 Experiments;

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