2019 - 2020

0542-4092   Fluids and Heat Transfer Laboratory  
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University credit hours:  3.0

Course description
Credit points:      2
Prerequisites:     Thermodynamics (1), Engineering Testing and Measurements - Lab., Fluid  Mechanics (1), Heat  Transfer.
Cooling and air-conditioning systems: testing performance of systems. pressures, temperatures, power with changes of parameters such as heat absorption and heat release rates in heat-exchangers. Operation of a system as a heat pump. Experimental bearing systems: run-in of a glide bearing under loading condition under variable speed and obtaining the pressure distribution around the bearing perimeter and along its axis. Super-sonic nozzle: the objective of the experiment is to demonstrate compressible flow rules in a nozzle. Measuring parameters, such as pressure distribution along the nozzle, flow-rate, effects of pressure variations of the entrance and at the exit. System of flow-rate gauges in pipes: inspection of the flow-rate gauge performance in a nozzle. Venturi-gauges, orifice, inspection of pressure gradients along pipes with different characteristics. Inspection of pressure-losses as a result of different pipe equipment. Data comparison with curves published in the literature.
Experiments with a cylinder in a wind-tunnel: inspection of pressure distribution around a cylinder in sub-sonic flow. Calculating the acting forces and measurements in a wake. Flow in converging-diverging nozzle. Obtaining the speed-profile and mapping the flow in the nozzle. Experiments in a water tunnel: channel flow, hydraulic jump, flow through converging-diverging channel and analogy to the transition from super-sonic to sub-sonic flow. Heat exchager: examining the performance of a heat exchanger. Opposite and parallel flow. Cooling tower - its performance as a function of fundamental parameters, such as: liquid flow-rate, size of drops, air flow-rate and room conditions, temperature and humidity. Turbulent jets: measuring mean velocity-profile and turbulent fluctuations in a jet by hot-wire anemometries and Pitot tube. Diesel engines; measuring typical parameters, such as: thermal efficiency and specific fuel consumption in four-cycle Diesel engines with one cylinder. Centrifugal pump: hydraulic efficiency of a pump as a function of flow-rate and input and output loads. Determination of non-dimensional pump characteristics. Heat transfer in fins: heat transfer by conduction, by free and forced convection in fins. Visualisation experiments: Classical Reynolds experiments, velocity profile measurements in a pipe using image processing. Flow in Venturi device.

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