2015 - 2016

  Engineering Testing and Measurements - Lab.                                                          
Prof. Alexander LiberzonClassrooms - Dan David002Sun1100-1300 Sem  2
University credit hours:  2.0

Course description
Credit points: 3
Prerequisites: Introduction to Probability and Statistics. Fluid Mechanics (1), Introduction to Electronics
Introduction to engineering testing and experiments. Measuring systems. Generalized performance characteristics of instruments. Calibration of instruments. Dynamic characteristics of instruments. Transfer functions. Measuring devices and transducers. Data acquisition and recording. Analysis and presentation of experimental data.
Student laboratories: Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer:
Measurement of liquid properties and principles of image processing.
Simulation of data acquisition and processing by computer.
The measurement of temperature.
The measurement of flow rate.
The velocity and temperature measurement by hot and cold wires.
Solid Mechanics: contact Michael Slavutin 6200
Student laboratories: Solid Mechanics
Direct and indirect measurements, basic mechanic measurement instruments.
Tolerancing, measurement of tolerances.
Modern measuring techniques: profile projector, quality and statistical manufacturing control.
Screw threads parameters measurement and control (3 wires method).
Gear wheels, measurement of the geometric parameters and quality.
Surface roughness measurement.
Dynamic balancing.

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