2019 - 2020

  Advanced Fluid Mechanics  
FACULTY OF ENGINEERING | School of Mechanical Engineering
Toledo YaronWolfson - Engineering130 Mon1600-1900 Sem  2
University credit hours:  3.0

Course description
Credit Points: 3
Prerequisites: 0542.2500 Fluid Mechanics (1)
From discrete particles to continuum descriptions, criteria for the validity of continuum descriptions, coarse-graining methods and implications, streamlines, streaklines and pathlines, the Euler and Lagrange representations, derivation of the general equations of continuum mechanics, derivation of the constitutive relations for Newtonian fluids, including the energy (temperature) field as well as appropriate boundary conditions, the basic linear modes of hydrodynamics, the incompressible limit, applications to acoustics, water wave dynamics, vortical dynamics, potential flows, basic theorems for compressible and incompressible ideal flows, development of shocks and further applications. Some mathematical methods involving tensors and Fourier representations will be reviewed in the course of the lectures.

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