2014 - 2015

  Image Processing                                                                                     
Prof. Nahum KiryatiWolfson - Engineering308Tue1800-2000 Sem  1
University credit hours:  1.0

Course description
 Credit Points: 3.5
Prerequisites: Introduction to Digital Signal Processing; Random Signals and Noise .
1. Introduction: Digital Image Processing and related fields. Applications of Digital Image Processing
2. Two-dimensional signal processing in the continuous spatial and frequency domains
3. Sampling two-dimensional signals
4. Quantization
5. Two-dimensional signal processing in the discrete spatial and frequency domains
6. Unitary image transforms: DFT, Hadamard, DCT
7. The Haar transorm. Introduction to wavelets
8. Image enhancement
9. Image restoration
10. Image compression, the JPEG standard
11. Introduction to video compression
12. Reconstruction from projections. Radon transform, Introduction to Computed Tomography
13. Color representation
14. Introduction to the human visual system
Instruction mode: Lectures + Laboratory

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