2019 - 2020

  Energy Conversion  
Dori LavieComputer and Software Engineering104 Wed1200-1300 Sem  1
Yair Pragai
Course description
Credit Points: 3.5
Prerequisite: Introduction to Electrical Engineering; Electromagnetic Fields (Concurrent)
Three-Phase Power System: Voltages, currents, power in a symmetric network, phasor diagrams magnetic circuits: linear and non-linear magnetic circuits in direct and alternating currents, hysteresis and adds current losses, flux leakage, magnetic coupled circuits, forces.
Transformer: Single and three-phase transformer structure, equivalent circuit, losses, efficiency, no-load and short circuit tests, voltage regulation.
Induction Machine: Structure, rotating magnetic field, equivalent circuit, powers, losses, efficiency, speed-torque characteristics, starting, speed regulation.
Solar Cell Systems: Properties, I-V characteristics, operating point, series and parallel connections, photovoltanic arrays, load I-V characteristics, maximum power point tracker.
Direct Current Machine: Generators and motors in separate, shunt, series and compound excitations, structure, e.m.f., torque, power, losses, efficiency, generator load characteristics, motor mechanical characteristics, motor speed regulation.
Converter: Basics of dc converters.

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