2014 - 2015

  Analog Electronic Circuits  
Prof. Ruzin ArieTrubowicz - Law102 Mon1400-1600 Sem  1
020 Wed1000-1200 Sem  1
University credit hours:  4.0

Course description
Credit Points: 5
Prerequisites: Introduction to Linear Systems; Electronic Devices

Summary of transistor operation with an emphasis on effects relevant to analog circuit design. Large and small signal models for diodes. Zener diodes and basic diode circuits. Large and small signal models of bipolar junction transistors (BJT) at low frequency. Field effect transistors (MOSFET, JFET) principle of operation, large and small signal models. MOSFET enhancement and depletion transistors. Basic amplifier configurations (CE, CB, CC, CS, CG, CD). Classification of signal amplifiers by input and output impedances. Basic DC current sources, cascode, Widlar and Wilson configurations. Current mirrors and active loads. Differential MOSFET and BJT amplifiers (symmetric). Impact of asymmetry on the properties of differential amplifiers. Operational amplifiers – ideal and practical. Frequency response of amplifier, and extension of the transistor small signal model to higher frequencies. Negative feedback analysis, two-port formulation, classification, and impact on the amplifier properties. Output (power) stages: A-Class, B-Class, and AB-Class. Power dissipation calculations and design. Basic DC power supply circuits with and without feedback. Full analysis of 741 operational amplifier.

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