2019 - 2020

0351-3207   Principles of Magnetic Resonance  
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Course description

· The physical basics of nuclear and electronic magnetic resonance

·  Bloch equations and the rotating frame

· Transverse (T2) and longitudinal (T1) Relaxation, effects of diffusion and inhomogeneous fields

·  Measurement of relaxation, spin-echo

·  The NMR spectrometer

· Detection and analysis of signals by Continuous and discrete Fourier transform, apodization functions

·   Chemical shift and J-coupling interactions

·  Quantum representation of MR (including the density matrix), matrix representation of operators, commutations relations and product operator formalism for pulse sequence analysis

· Creation of density matrix operators and basic experiments: J-modulated echo, spin-echo, INEPT

·  Multi-dimensional experiments – COSY, TOCSY, HSQC, HMQC etc.

·  Protein NMR

·  Dipolar interaction and the nuclear Overhauser effect (NOE),  NOESY experiments

·   Solid-state NMR and anisotropic interactions (if time permits)

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tel aviv university