2019 - 2020

0351-2803   General Physics B1  
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Course description

Chemistry is based on quantum mechanics, where the wave nature of matter particles is a fundamental and necessary concept. In order to be able to handle the complications of quantum mechanics, students need to first learn about the properties of waves in more familiar settings. In addition, as scientists we are always curious about the phenomena we see around us. Waves are one of the most common phenomena – light, sound, water waves, earthquakes, etc. – yet one that has surprising and strange characteristics that require thorough understanding in order to properly explain.

Course Topics:

  1. Free oscillations of simple systems
  2. Free oscillations of systems with many degrees of freedom
  3. Constrained oscillations
  4. Traveling waves
  5. Reflection
  6. Modulations, pulses, and wave packets
  7. Waves in 2 and 3 dimensions
  8. Polarization
  9. Electromagnetic waves
  10. Diffraction and interference

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