2019 - 2020

  Laboratory in Synoptic Meteorology  
Baruch ZivShenkar - Physics105 Tue0900-1200 Sem  1
University credit hours:  3.0

Course description

The course deals with synoptic-scale systems and their related weather phenomena. The study incorporates frontal lectures and practical experiencing. The course is summarized by a workshop in weather forecasting based on a real case study.

Main topics: Scale-classification of weather systems; Thermodynamic analysis based on tephigram; Major weather phenomena: clouds, fog, dust-storms and haze; Analysis of satellite imagery; The global observation network; Pressure field and wind field; Analyzing weather maps; Streamlines and air-trajectories; Divergence, vorticity, and vorticity advection; 3-D structure of synoptic-scale systems and the factors that determine their motion; Jet streams; Rossby waves; Meso-scale circulations; Cyclogenesis ; Mid-latitude cyclones: their life cycle and 3-D structure; Synoptic climatology of the Middle-East. 

Prerequisite: Dynamic Meteorology I

The student duties contain presence in 80% of the lessons, performing all the exercised, participating in the final workshop and having 60 score in the final exam.

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