2014 - 2015

  Methods of Theoretical Physics 1  
Prof. Marek KarlinerLev Auditorium009 Wed1500-1700 Sem  1
Lev Auditorium009 Wed1600-1700 Sem  1
University credit hours:  3.0

Course description
(a) Methods of Theoretical Physics I
Course for 2nd year Physics Students. The aim of the course is to provide the students with the mathematical tools necessary for research in physics.

- complex functions; analytic functions and singularities; complex integrals;
   residue theorem and its application to computation of definite integrals
- Fourier Series and Fourier Transform; Laplace Transform and their applications
- Sturm-Liouville operators; eigenfunctions and expansion in complete set of
   functions; Green's functions
- Partial Differential Equations: solution through separation of variables
   in spherical and cylindrical coordinates; solution via power series
- Legendre Polynomials and Legendre Functions; spherical harmonics

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