2019 - 2020

0321-1119   Classical Physics 2  
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Course description

Classical Physics 2 Syllabus


Ishay Pomerantz

Email :ipom@post.tau.ac.i

Academic Year, Semesters

2015-2018, Spring semester

Number of Hours/ Credits  4




1st year math in parallel

Year in program & how often given, if relevant

1st year, given every year

 Course overview – short abstract

Electrostatics: electric charge and field, Coulomb law, Gauss law; potential; energy; conductors; Poisson and Laplace equations and methods for solution; capacitors, dialectrics.
Current, conductivity, Drude model, Kirchhoff, RC circuits. 
Magnetic field, Lorentz force, Ampere law, vector potential, Biot-Savart law, Lorentz transformation of electric and magnetic fields
Induction, Faraday law, Lentz law, energy in a magnetic field, magnetic materials. 
Maxwell equations and the general solution, electromagnetic waves, relativistic formulation.
Introduction to radiation

Learning outcomes – short description (if you don’t have LOs, then don’t write anything in this part)

Assessment: coursework and grade structure

Final exams – 100%

Week-by-week content, assignments and reading

Required text – in language of origin (if Hebrew or Arabic, no need to translate it)

Berkeley Physics Course, Vol. II, 2nd edition, Edward Purcell

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tel aviv university