2019 - 2020

0321-1118   Classical Physics 1                                                                                  
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Course description

Classic 1: Syllabus

Classical mechanic is the first course in physics taken by physics students. The course covers the basic concepts of Newtonian mechanics such as kinematic, forces, frames of reference etc.

Instructor: Amir Levinson

Email: levinson@tauex.tau.ac.il

2018-2019, fall semester

Number of Hours/ Credits:6


Prerequisites: None

Assessment: coursework and grade structure

Every week there is a homework assignments. A perquisite for attending the final exam is submitting 70% of the assignments with a passing grade.

The final score is based on the final exam (100%).

Week-by-week content, assignments and reading

1a. Introduction, history, units and approximations

1b. Vectors

2. Kinematics

3. Newton laws, reference frames and transformations

4. Linear momentum

5. Non-inertial frames

6-7. Energy and work

8-9. Angular momentum

10-11. Rigid body

12 – Harmonic oscillators

13- two body problem and gravity


1. Kleppner D., Kolenkow R. J. An Introduction to Mechanics

2. Alonso, M., Finn E. J., Fundamental University Physics Vol. 1

3. Resnick, Halliday, Krane, Physics Vol. 1

4. C. Kittel, W. D. Knight and M. A. Ruderman. Berkeley Physics Course – Vol. 1 Mechanics.

האוניברסיטה הפתוחה  – מכניקה .5

6. R. P. Feynman, R. B. Leighton, and M. Sands, The Feynman Lectures on Physics Vol. I.

7. גד פרנקל, פיזיקה קלאסית - מכניקה




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