2014 - 2015

  Physics Laboratory A1  
Sun1300-1700 Sem  1
University credit hours:  3.0

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Physics Laboratory A


Course Syllabus



During the course the students learn basic techniques in experimental physics, including performance of measurements and data analysis, in various subjects.

List of experiments for the first semester:


1.      Free Fall - the first experiment in the laboratory.

2.      Geometrical optics – focal length and magnification with convex and concave thin lenses.

3.      Latent heat – phase transition of liquid nitrogen.

4.      Friction and energy – transformation of kinetic, potential and elastic energy and energy loss to friction.

5.      Viscosity – viscosity of glycerin through the motion of a falling ball.

6.      Harmonic motion – mathematical vs. physical pendulum.

7.      Electric circuits & Wheatstone bridge.


The students will use a special built GUI in Matlab in order to perform the data analysis. The theoretical material is presented in the course website and the statistical booklet (also in the website).


Lecturer: Prof. Halina Abramowicz

Prerequisite: None.

Course Objective: Studying the principles of measurements and data analysis in the environment of simple physics experiments.




1.      Estimation of statistical and systematic uncertainties.


2.      Propagation of uncertainties.


3.      Linear and non-linear fitting of data.


4.      Estimation of goodness of fit.


5.      Quantification of agreement of expectations with data.

Course requirements:


Performing all 7 experiments and submitting all of the reports.


Grade composition:


70% Report

15% Quizzes

15% Instructor evaluation


Recommended books:


-         Statistics booklet "Data Analysis in Lab A". http://physics.tau.ac.il/laba/files/DataAnalysisDraft2Oct2011.pdf

-          Squires, G. L., Practical Physics, 3rd Ed.


-          Wall, J. V. and Jenkins, C. R., Practical Statistics for Astronomers.






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