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סילבוס הקורס Global Ip and Sustainable Development - תשע"ז, פקולטה ל, אוניברסיטת ת"א
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שנה"ל תשע"ז

  Global Ip and Sustainable Development
  Global Ip and Sustainable Development                                                                
סמ'  א'שיעור פרופ צ'ון מרגרט
הקורס מועבר באנגלית
ש"ס:  2.0

Course description
Global IP and Sustainable Development - Prof. Margaret Chon
This course covers selected topics in global intellectual property legal regimes where IP greatly impacts economic and human development. Topics will include access to medicines and access to knowledge, as well as emerging institutions such as public private partnerships. It will include all major areas of intellectual property, including copyright, patent, and trademark law.
Pre-requisites: having completed the IP course (taught by Birnhack / Greenman & Bareket / Khoury)
Grade: 24 Hrs. Take Home Exam 100%.
הקורס מזכה ב-2 ש"ס. יינתן באנגלית

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